Final Score

Final Score is the 4th Sky Cinema Original Film that is shown on Sky Cinema channel the same day as is released in selected cinemas. Starring Dave Bautista, Pierce Bronsan, Amit Shah and Lara Peake; a group of Terrorist hold a West Ham crowd hostage (though they’re not aware of this) during an European game whilst trying to locate the brother of one of the terrorist. An ex-army officer stubbles across them whilst taking her niece to the game.

You could say this is a British version of Die Hard or Under Siege but this is nowhere near as good as either, whilst this is a good idea in theory the idea of all this going on in a football stadium with 35,000 people inside without anyone noticing is too far fetch which even for me thinks it’s okay to exaggerate in movies to make it a fantasy but this was too much (and I like superhero and star wars films). It’s an okay to watch as on Sky but I wouldn’t go to the cinema to watch. I’m going to give it 2 stars only because it does have a lot of action in otherwise would’ve only really be a 1 star.


10KM Walk

After building up to it slowly by doing plenty of 5Ks and more recently walks between 7 and 8 Kilometres I finally did a 10K walk today (though it ended up as a 11K) and though it might not be the most I’ve ever walk it is the most post achilles rupture and the most since I’ve had to give up sport. As with most of my Solent Walks I was joined by Jason and it was good having someone to chat to during the walk though does tend to slow you done but as I keep quoting a saying I saw a “30 Minute Mile is the same distance as a 12 Minute Mile” and also as people often remark it is also Mile longer than someone who is sat doing nothing, it all adds up and not only have I noticed the difference in my physique due to this walks my Diabetes Nurse who I saw this morning also commented on it, I feel a lot fitter than I used to as well, when I first started I was just glad to walk the 5K in an hour and after today’s walk I actually felt (and still feel) better than I did after the first 5K.

I had planned the walk on Strava but fine tuned it this morning on Map My Run as I’m compare the apps to see what I find best and am finding it really annoying that some things only work with Strava and some with Map My Run and the Apple Watch Workout App doesn’t allow viewing via web so am currently stuck using the 3 apps. When I start Pure Gym the end of the month when the Fareham Gym opens (Hopefully) it is linked to Strava but not Map My Run, I have found Map My Run the better app for doing Routes on  the web so for planning but have had issues with using it on my Apple Watch where it started my Walk 13 miles away (When I did the last walk at home/work and do the next at the other) as the GPS was slow to update.

Anyway back to the 10K, I started at home and went to the far west of Fareham (Ranvilles Lane) before then going to the north of Fareham (Highlands/Kiln Road) before heading back into town before walking back home, the planned route was 10K but as often find when doing these routes these are rough estimates as sometimes the path going slightly longer than the road which I think these are based on and sometimes like today we do a slight detour as the path we take isn’t yet on any maps. I think this was the first time I have ever walked the whole length of Highlands Road in one go and have now planned to walk the Deviation Line walk as we walked past this and it has always fascinated me as until recently never knew much about it as when you drive past the Car Park it’s name never triggers anything and by the time you’re home you’ve forgotten about it. The walk we did has a climb for much of the first 5K with a small drop during this before you then walk downhill quite quickly before it then rising slightly again as we return back to the start, though the only real noticeable climb is right at the start during the first Kilometre and then between 2 and 3KM before then becomes just a steady climb which you don’t really notice. When I saw the time of just under 2 hours for the 11K I was at first a bit disappointed but after working it out at 3.54mph including having to wait to cross roads that’s pretty good going especially as the average walking pace is around 3-3.5mph and our splits where pretty much consistent which I always take as a good sign. I can now also claim my 10K medal.

Besides planning other different 10K routes to make sure my walks are varied I am going to try and do this walk at least once a month. So tomorrow we go North of the M27 to Knowle and Funtley which I have never walked to before, I just hope my trainers will be up to the terrain as I don’t have any trail shoes since most of my walks have been on tarmac so use my Adidas Cloudfoam trainers though tomorrow I will use my ASICS trainers that used to use for Gym (I have another pair of Cloudfoam for the gym now 💡).




The Happytime Murders

Being seeing the trailer for this for a while but never remembered the name until the posters/trailers started being played in the foyer at Whiteley’s Cineworld but one I had to see to see what it was like as grew up in the Muppets Era and have also seen the Avenue Q musical, this was billed as an Adult Muppets (like Avenue Q is) but to be honest I was disappointed with the film, yes there was some very funny parts but it lacked any real cohesion to keep the story going and the audience entertained. PI Phil Phillips is a Puppet and and ex-cop and the reason why Puppets are not allowed to be cops, Detective Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) is his ex-partner and when members of the Happytime Gang started getting killed they reunite though the FBI suspect Phillips as the killer and finally Phillips shots the killer to bury his demons and get’s his old job back as a cop.

As mentioned there is some funny scenes and stupid scenes that make you laugh (a Puppet Sex Shop where the first murder happens is an example) and you also get spoofs from other films (Basic Instinct cross leg scene) but these are too far apart and most of the film drag, it only really started to flow towards the end when Phillips was avoiding the FBI and then when Edwards helps him escape to catch the real killer, in fact the credit scenes where you see behind the scenes and how the puppets where moved was probably just as good as the majority of the film.

I don’t know whether I got my hopes up for the film as I hoped it would be a film equivalent to Avenue Q but this was nowhere near this but personally I would wait for this to come to Home Media to watch then recommend to see in the cinema.



Jack Ryan

After I watched the new Jack Ryan TV Series on Amazon Prime, I decided to write a blog about the character as appears in many forms of media (TV, Film, Games and Novels). Jack Ryan is a character created by Tom Clancy and was first featured in The Red October, the success of the novel and film allowed 20 more Jack Ryan Novels (with 3 of this being turned into Films plus another film based on him that was also made), I first got into him with The Red October film where Alec Baldwin played him but also enjoyed the next 2 films made (Patriot Games and Clear & Present Danger both starring Harrison Ford as Ryan) though I also felt it was strange having different actors playing him. At this time I hadn’t read any of the novels and to this day I still haven’t though I do have some of them to read which I will do. I do remember the Sum of All Fears (the 4th film made) and felt it was disconnected to the original 3 and researching this post I found that it was indeed not connected to the original 3 that were done as the books and as part of a series and was done as a possible reboot of the series of books but it seems that this never happened. Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit I know was an attempt at a new series of Jack Ryan films and didn’t have anything to do with the books but to expand his character as the Video Games had done such as Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell (with different character names). When I saw the TV series being advertised I thought this looks good as is a type of series I do watch and as had watched all the films thought would be interesting to watch. Though it felt a bit like Homeland I liked the first series and hope the series continues, the TV Series are disconnected from the Novels which I think is good as it keeps them separate though much of his back story remains the same (I hope that more is done with this in either a film or during more TV Series) with him breaking his back in a helicopter crash, he relationship with Cathy (who becomes his wife) and that both his parents have died. I think the TV Series is worth watching and am already waiting for the next series. I must now read the books as these should be the books I enjoy as loved reading the Nathan McBride series by Andrew Peterson which is about a former Marine Hero. Jack Ryan is a character you can really get into and I hope the books are as good as the films and TV Series (I also enjoyed playing Rainbow Six even though I am rubbish at first person shooters).

King of Thieves

Tuesday’s Cineworld Unlimited screen was King of Thieves a film based on the Hatton Garden’s safe deposit burglary that was done in 2015, as based on a true story this was a film I was glad to see was going to be an Unlimited screening as a film I was going to see.

Starring Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, Tom Courtenay, Charlie Cox, Paul Whitehouse and Michael Gambon as the thieves it as much comedy as a crime drama. It is certainly a worth while viewing as it gives a good insight of the burglary and presumably the distrust the heist caused during and after it, the old gents haven’t lost the ability to act though you can start to see their ages during the film but not knowing/remembering what the real life gang looked liked we can’t really compare, normally these type of real life movies they try to make the people look like the real life people but they’ve not done so in this film.

I would definitely recommend this film but don’t expect any action as you have to remember these are 60-70 year old blokes that did the robbery (and 1 younger bloke – possibly yet to be caught) and there is no cop chases and I believe the only real film licence (to make things up/exaggerate them to make the film better) was the crooks being arrested all at the same time.


Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again

I considered skipping blogs about the Movies I missed but decided to write about Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again, the sequel to the 2008 film Mamma Mia based on the Stage Musical with Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Christina Baranski, Pierce Bronson, Stellan Skarsgard and Meryl Streep all reprising their roles from the first film but with Lily James playing a Young Donna, Jessica Keenan Wynn as Young Tanya, Alexa Davies (Rosie), Jeremy Irvine (Sam), Hugh Skinner (Harry), Josh Dylan (Bill) and a guest appearance of Cher as Donna’s mother and Sophie’s grandmother.

This film is 2 stories as it continues from the original film as Sophie has now done up the old farm house and wants to open it as a hotel and is trying to sort out a launch party for this as well as dealing with a personal problem with her boyfriend, plus also it flashes back to when Donna first left university and arrived on the island and how she met the 3 men that could be Donna’s father. I really liked the way this was done as it really worked and I was surprised at how good Lily James singing was, she has in my opinion really shone this last year in the films she has done, the music as always with ABBA songs is top quality and most of the singing was also very good and it peaked at towards the end with Dancing Queen and then at the end with Supertrooper when the whole cast including both young and old versions of Donna, her friends and the 3 males, came together to perform. If you loved the first film then you will love this one, I think this is better than the first one and I love the soundtrack and as mentioned was a fan of Lily’s singing and performance you also can’t fault Amanda’s singing or acting too.

If you have a free afternoon or is raining then watch this, you will get your feet tapping and the time will fly by.


Lee on Solent to Hill Head Harbour Walk

Part of my walks and part of the Solent Way I did the Lee on Solent to Hill Head Harbour section going from Leon’s Bistro (Where we started the Lee on Solent to Stokes Bay walk) to Hill Head Harbour which is also the start of the Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve and then back again with one of my Best mates (Jason) who has also done the other walks along the Solent with me, this was going to be a distance of 6.8KM as a round trip which continues to build my confidence in doing a 10KM walk in the next week.

It was partly cloudy and getting towards dusk as we set out taking a few photos along the way as it is such as lovely view and one I don’t take enough off as only live 3 miles (I will walk down one day) from home, however it was still warm and perfect walking weather, there was still plenty of people down the front and some were running the section we were walking, as we leave Lee and get to the start of Hill Head you past a few beach huts and as you get past here there is a private section and as we weren’t sure if could walk through we decided to head inland a bit and walk along the road that goes past the Osbourne View Pub which you’re supposed to see Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight but maybe due to the low light we weren’t able to see this and though I tried to take a photo with maximum zoom it is a bit grainy and though you might be able to make it out it’s not very clear so I might have to visit during the day. Just past the pub we took a steep road back down to the beach and took some photos of what seems to be a rig (please correct us if not) before carrying on along the front past more beach huts to Hill Head Sailing Club before passing the entrance to Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve (I can see you have to pay to enter here but wondering if have to walk around it up toward Titchfield) and over the bridge to Hill Head Harbour, which for some reason I keep calling Titchfield Harbour even though that is a few miles upstream in Titchfield which is now part of the Haven, this is where we turned around and headed back as the light was now fading fast, I expect we will start from here in a later walk as you can walk to Titchfield or Warsash from here.

This summer I have loved walking along the Solent, it’s been cooling that doing walks inland and also the I love the views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight especially as it starts to become dusk and you see the island lights turn on, as there is only 3 main towns on the north side you can see this more clearly but it’s pretty to see a occasion light between the towns as well as all the different ships that sail the Solent, I’ve not yet been down when a cruise ship has been arriving or leaving Southampton.

On the way back we decided to walk along the private section as we could if need by walk below the high tide mark but nothing was said though this section is pretty tough as was different heights so you had to climb over/down the barriers (I’m sure they have a proper name) and it was stoney section so worked our calves a lot more so this was a slower section and then back on to solid ground across the the Hovercraft slipway back to the Bistro. Though this was a less of a challenge then going to Stokes Bay via Browndown it was a very good work out but as been doing a lot of walks I felt good and was happy to carry on but as was now nearly 9pm we decide best to call a night. I have now done Hill Head Harbour to Gosport and also Warsash to Lower Swanwick plus the Royal Victoria Country Park section along the Solent/River Hamble to next step is the sections over the River Hamble to do Hamble to The River Itchen before the Portsmouth section. I’m unlikely to do the New Forest section though I might do the Southampton section next year.