OTTY Mattress

Recently I bought a new Mattress and after spending around the £100 mark for the last couple which only last 18 months to 2 years I thought it might be better to spend more and get a better Mattress. I looked around and compared the different ones like Simba, Emma, Eve, Temur, OTTY and a few other ones I decided to opt for the OTTY Mattress with 2 free Pillows (and when I ordered an extra £50 off) and at around £500 was the most I’ve ever spent on a mattress.

It arrived nicely boxed up and rolled and thankful early morning so I could unwrap and unroll so it would be ready to use in the evening, a cutting tool was supplied to cut the wrapper which I thought was a very good idea.

The first night I felt the Mattress was a bit soft and not as hard as I thought it would be but the next night the Mattress felt firmer having more time to expand the foam inside.

The pillows are really comfortable to don’t sink or lose shape like other foam pillows I have used in the past, both the Mattress and the Pillows claim to have cool gel in to help keep them cool, whilst the summer hot temperatures tested this to the limit, I found I only had to turn the pillow over once during the night rather than several times as I did with my old one, the Mattress felt cool throughout the night though still had to sleep without covers when the temperature was in the high teens (that’s the average daytime temperature for the UK).

I have had the Mattress for over 3 months now and I’ve not once thought about returning under the 100 night trial and though my sleep may not have improved significantly (that’s a different issue) it is a lot more comfortable. At present I rate the mattress and with a 10 year guarantee this is certainly worth the money in my opinion though some people will find the Mattress too soft or too hard but that’s dependent on taste and preference.


Monthly Tee Club

After not finding any non sport t-shirts that I really liked I saw an advert for the Monthly Tee Club where you can get between 1 and 4 t-shirts a month from £9.99 to £29.99 with the first monthly £5 for your first t-shirt and each t-shirt you purchase they give another one (or equivalent money) to charity. I decided to go for the 2 t-shirts a month option and so far I’ve had 2 deliveries and been very happy with all 4 t-shirts I’ve received (shown below). I think this is certainly good value for money but time will tell to see how the print handles being washed though it doesn’t look or feel like a cheap print.

Anyone interested can use this referral –


Walking Challenges Part II

It’s 2 months since I did a post about the walking challenges I was doing or was planning and now 2 months later I’ve done 7 walking Challenges including 4 5K walks and 3 monthly challenges with the last one being 100 miles in a month.


For my 5K walks I’ve being doing part of the Solent Way walk which with 3 additional walks planned (longer section of walk) I will have completed Southampton to Eastney part of the walk and probably plan another to complete the walk to Emsworh, the 3 I have planned are around 10K walks so will be looking at doing these as 10K challenges, as I do these as round trips it will make the Solent Way double as I walk in a loop so start at say Lee On Solent, walk to Titchfield Haven and then walk back to Lee On Solent, I really enjoy these walks and Jason (one of my best friends) has come with me on the last couple and we have also learnt more history about our area (I only live 3-5 miles from The Solent), it’s also very pleasant to walk along the seafront in the evening after the heat of the day recently. I still have 2 5K walks to do during September/October to complete a set of medals (Medal Mad ones above) and am also doing a 100K (The one with the 100K Friends Medal) monthly one over the next month though the last week has been pretty much been written off has had stomach issues, perhaps just a stomach bug or perhaps due to my diabetes who knows but I will try and do the Hill Head section this week one evening to get me back on track.

I also plan to take in some of our Country Parks in my local area as besides Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Petersfield I can’t say I’ve visited them much until went to Royal Victoria on 4th July for my Independence Day 5K walk, we have lovely countryside on the south coast as well as the seafront so might as well use it as beats walking on a treadmill in the Gym though I’m sure will be back in the gym when the weather turns.

In my 1000K over the year I have now done 565K in 4 months so my plan to complete this in 9 months sine I only started in April looks good, next year I’m looking at doing a special distance like the length of Route 66 or the Distance between Lands End and John O’Groats but will look at this around Christmas time.

To those that walk, keep walking you’re going faster and further than those who do nothing.


I’ve been AWOL on here recently as kind of lost my mojo as well as being busy so will need to have a solid session in catching up including film reviews (which I’ll stick in 1 or 2 posts instead of individual posts), reviews I’ve yet to finish and also an update to my walking challenges that have moved on and I hope now will also add photos too. Just a few things that have happened in last couple of months, my step-nephew has had a baby boy when his wife gave birth in his car at QA hospital’s car park, my Harry Potter Pop Vinyl Figure collection has grown, The UK’s weather went barmy with 30c + temperature and we went about 7-8 weeks without any rain! Back soon I promise for another post.


Or for non football fans – Video Assistant Referee. The World Cup is currently on it last leg of first round matches and VAR has become a big talking point in the World Cup with fans, Pundits and Players having mixed feelings with it. A brief outline of what VAR is suppose to do. – if a clear and obvious error has been made VAR are to notify the Referee who can than review the incident and make a decision based on his original view and the review and either keep the decision as is or reverse the decision. Now there has been a few penalties that have been given after VAR and whilst the majority of them have been correct I believe there is a couple that weren’t and also this goes the other way where no penalty was award when I believe it should’ve been. Whilst the majority have been right and that it shows VAR to be successful, it is still the Referee opinion and decisions are still open to debate. It however to me doesn’t enhance the game and feel at present it takes too long to stop and review and doesn’t always arrive at the correct decision.

Thought take a few examples which in my opinion shows it doesn’t work, in the Portugal vs Iran game, Iran are awarded a late Penalty after the ball struck a defenders arm whilst he is jumping with the attacker and the ball hits his upper arm about a foot a way from the attackers head who had headed the ball, the ball didn’t divert from its path and the players arm was not above him, to me that is not deliberate, the players arm is not in an unnatural position, he has no way of moving as the ball is played into him and it didn’t divert the ball away from its path, Referee waves play on but VAR said they believe an oblivious error has occurred. Serbia Vs Switzerland the Red awards Switzerland a free kick though replays show too Swiss players holding and pulling the Serbian forward to the ground, all the Serbian is guilt of is trying to get free, should’ve been a Penalty but wasn’t referred as not classed as an oblivious mistake. England vs Tunisia, Harry Kane is wrestled to the floor, no Penalty given and VAR not referred as no obvious error, last one again with Portugal vs Iran, a coming together off the ball between Christano Ronalado and an Iran defender, VAR believes a possible Red Card incident has taken place and the Referee reviews and ends up giving Ronaldo a yellow card, me personally can’t see this is even worth a yellow card, there was a similar incident in another game where it was referred and a yellow card was awarded when I think was only just a free kick but seems the Referee felt he had to book them as where seen as possible Red Cards though in fact all the replay showed was the opponents making a meal of minimum contact.

Whilst in principle I agree with the use of VAR at present I feel it leads to too many delays, interrupts the game and is still leading to human errors, I think it shouldn’t be used at major tournaments nor in the Premier League in its current state, the process needs to be sped up and what is classed as a clear and obvious error needs to cleared up.

Ocean’s Eight

Due to the World Cup and illness I’ve not been to the cinema the last few weeks but last night I went and saw Ocean’s Eight, following on from Ocean 13 (I originally thought was going to kind of remake like Ghostbusters did) Danny Ocean sister Debbie (Sandra Bullock) is the main culprit this time after her release from jail. However you get the same feeling as the other Ocean films and also the like of Entrapment and some of the Fast and Furious films with the planning and how the heist is pulled off however it’s not a bad film with a decent cast including Anne Hathaway (Daphne Klunger), Cate Blanchett (Lou), Helena Bonham-Carter (Rose Weil), Rihanna (9 Ball) and James Corden (John Frazier) however I didn’t get the same intensity as the other films as I think the plots are getting harder to maintain though I did like the late twist in the film that I didn’t see coming though thinking about it and as it was explained it made sense and you think why didn’t I see that. Overall as said it wasn’t a bad film and could’ve been better but was watchable and doesn’t feel like a waste of money if go and see it.

🎬🎬🎬 (3/5 as can’t do half a clapperboard).