World Cup – Day 1

I will be writing short blog posts during the World Cup but unlikely to post every day so not a true World Cup Diary but will mention days I’ve not written on though.

Day 1 saw the opening ceremony where Robbie Williams performed which I was surprised with as had no idea who was going to be there and the only real part I saw whilst at work. The hosts Russia (one of my Sweepstake teams) got us going against Saudi Arabia the two lowest ranked teams in the tournament though it could be said Russia’s ranking is a bit false since they didn’t play any qualifiers. I didn’t see much of the game but what I did see it looked more like how poor Saudi Arabia were rather than how good Russia were to me, with the Saudi keeper driving without stretching his arms and Russia ran out easy 5-0 winners which I’m not sure many people would’ve predicted (see the World Cup Prediction page for our Predictions). Russia’s win was saddened by the loss of Dzagoev who had to go off with a hamstring strain though his replacement Cheryshev scored 2 of the Russian goals, his second and Golovin free kick where the pick off the goals but again at a World Cup I was less than impressed by the standard of referee, something must be done worldwide to improve the standard of the top referees perhaps decide a list of 32 referees (I don’t know how many are chosen or go to the World Cup) including the back ups and get them to referee top class games like La Liga, Premier League and in South America to improve and give them more experience which I’m sure will improve the standard.

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