The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Disney latest live action movie is one Bryony and myself have been looking forward to see we saw the trailer though neither of us knew the story though both knew was a ballet and a book but didn’t know the story itself.

I was hooked in the open scene when you fly down Westminster Bridge pass Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey to the home of Clara Stahlbaum where she was setting a Mouse Trap (think of the game) Mouse Trap for a mouse with Fritz (her younger brother). The movie is set on Christmas Eve though I think this is a film you can watch all year round and not specifically a Christmas Film  though I’m sure from next year it will be a regular Christmas film on TV. It has a star studded cast with Kiera Knightly as the Sugar Plum fairy, Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer and Helen Mirren as Mother Ginger to name a few but it is MacKenzie Foy as Clara that steals the show with Jayden Fowora-Knight as Phillip with the Ballet pieces done by Misty Copeland.

The film reminded me a lot of a couple of other Disney films, Alice in Wonderland and Santa Clause 3 in places with a young girl being transported to another world (or in this case Realm) and toy soldiers being brought to life as well as Naria in a way but these were all good things and helped make the movie.

I rate this and think would be in my top 10 Disney films after Beauty and the Beast and Pete’s Dragon and one I will watch again (maybe in the cinema again as might see if can see in 3D too).

This is worthy of 🎬🎬🎬🎬

The Happytime Murders

Being seeing the trailer for this for a while but never remembered the name until the posters/trailers started being played in the foyer at Whiteley’s Cineworld but one I had to see to see what it was like as grew up in the Muppets Era and have also seen the Avenue Q musical, this was billed as an Adult Muppets (like Avenue Q is) but to be honest I was disappointed with the film, yes there was some very funny parts but it lacked any real cohesion to keep the story going and the audience entertained. PI Phil Phillips is a Puppet and and ex-cop and the reason why Puppets are not allowed to be cops, Detective Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) is his ex-partner and when members of the Happytime Gang started getting killed they reunite though the FBI suspect Phillips as the killer and finally Phillips shots the killer to bury his demons and get’s his old job back as a cop.

As mentioned there is some funny scenes and stupid scenes that make you laugh (a Puppet Sex Shop where the first murder happens is an example) and you also get spoofs from other films (Basic Instinct cross leg scene) but these are too far apart and most of the film drag, it only really started to flow towards the end when Phillips was avoiding the FBI and then when Edwards helps him escape to catch the real killer, in fact the credit scenes where you see behind the scenes and how the puppets where moved was probably just as good as the majority of the film.

I don’t know whether I got my hopes up for the film as I hoped it would be a film equivalent to Avenue Q but this was nowhere near this but personally I would wait for this to come to Home Media to watch then recommend to see in the cinema.



King of Thieves

Tuesday’s Cineworld Unlimited screen was King of Thieves a film based on the Hatton Garden’s safe deposit burglary that was done in 2015, as based on a true story this was a film I was glad to see was going to be an Unlimited screening as a film I was going to see.

Starring Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, Tom Courtenay, Charlie Cox, Paul Whitehouse and Michael Gambon as the thieves it as much comedy as a crime drama. It is certainly a worth while viewing as it gives a good insight of the burglary and presumably the distrust the heist caused during and after it, the old gents haven’t lost the ability to act though you can start to see their ages during the film but not knowing/remembering what the real life gang looked liked we can’t really compare, normally these type of real life movies they try to make the people look like the real life people but they’ve not done so in this film.

I would definitely recommend this film but don’t expect any action as you have to remember these are 60-70 year old blokes that did the robbery (and 1 younger bloke – possibly yet to be caught) and there is no cop chases and I believe the only real film licence (to make things up/exaggerate them to make the film better) was the crooks being arrested all at the same time.


Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again

I considered skipping blogs about the Movies I missed but decided to write about Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again, the sequel to the 2008 film Mamma Mia based on the Stage Musical with Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Christina Baranski, Pierce Bronson, Stellan Skarsgard and Meryl Streep all reprising their roles from the first film but with Lily James playing a Young Donna, Jessica Keenan Wynn as Young Tanya, Alexa Davies (Rosie), Jeremy Irvine (Sam), Hugh Skinner (Harry), Josh Dylan (Bill) and a guest appearance of Cher as Donna’s mother and Sophie’s grandmother.

This film is 2 stories as it continues from the original film as Sophie has now done up the old farm house and wants to open it as a hotel and is trying to sort out a launch party for this as well as dealing with a personal problem with her boyfriend, plus also it flashes back to when Donna first left university and arrived on the island and how she met the 3 men that could be Donna’s father. I really liked the way this was done as it really worked and I was surprised at how good Lily James singing was, she has in my opinion really shone this last year in the films she has done, the music as always with ABBA songs is top quality and most of the singing was also very good and it peaked at towards the end with Dancing Queen and then at the end with Supertrooper when the whole cast including both young and old versions of Donna, her friends and the 3 males, came together to perform. If you loved the first film then you will love this one, I think this is better than the first one and I love the soundtrack and as mentioned was a fan of Lily’s singing and performance you also can’t fault Amanda’s singing or acting too.

If you have a free afternoon or is raining then watch this, you will get your feet tapping and the time will fly by.


Christopher Robin

The second of the Christopher Robin/Winnie The Pooh films after Goodbye Christopher Robin last year sees Disney’s version which I thought was originally due earlier this year but was released last week. Ewan McGregor stars as Christopher Robin with Hayley Atwell as his wife Evelyn and Bronte Carmichael as their daughter Madeline. We start off when Christopher is a boy and he says farewell to his “toys” before he goes off to Boarding School and then on to War and then to London where he meets Evelyn and settles down leaving Pooh, Tigger and friends back in Hundred Acre Wood. One day Pooh wakes up and can’t find his friends and ends up at the tree Christopher used to come out to play with them, he walks through and ends up in the park outside Christopher’s home where Christopher goes too to avoid his neighbour. Christopher not believing it to be Pooh at first then returns Pooh back to Hundred Acre Wood and after losing him and waking up in the trap he set up as a kid, finds Eeyore floating in the stream he used to play Pooh sticks, once rescuing Eeyore Christopher has to win over his friends as they don’t recognise him which he does and helps him rediscover part of himself but he leaves to return to London to a meeting but Eeyore has removed the papers Christopher needed and Pooh mentions that he’ll get eaten without the papers so they start making their way to London when they bump into Madeline who recognised them from Christopher’s drawing so takes them to London causing her Mum to worry and follow her. Evelyn arrives at Christopher’s work place before Madeline and the friends and tells Christopher she is missing so they go looking for her and whilst Christopher tells Evelyn about Pooh and friends, which she disbelieves Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger land on the car windscreen whilst Madeline and Pooh rush to Winslow’s (Christopher’s work place) but Madeline trips and the papers fly away and only managing to grab one page. Christopher and Evelyn arrive and see Madeline and Pooh, Madeline apologise for losing the papers but Christopher says she is more important and when Madeline hands Christopher the page she saved Christopher has an idea and goes into Winslow’s with Evelyn, Madeline and the friends and gives them his idea. They all then return to Hundred Acre Wood and go through the treehouse and meet up with the others, Roo, Owl and Kanga.

Personally I felt this movie was a bit too depressing to begin with and only really came alive after Christopher returned Pooh back to Hundred Acre Wood and picked up more when Madeline took them to London but it seems this is the way Disney are doing their films at present but to me it’s not what Disney should be. The movie is a PG which I think is right but the screening I went to there was quite a few young kids (under 8) which I don’t think would’ve enjoyed this as expect didn’t relate to it besides Pooh and his friends being “real”.

I found I couldn’t compare it to Goodby Christopher Robin as different stories and some of the facts seemed to vary between the films too.

Most of the movie was only a 1-2 star until it picked up to a 3 so I can only rate this 2 stars. Personally I would wait until this is on Home Media or TV to watch but I would watch it again though.


The Spy Who Dumped Me

The latest Cineworld Unlimited Screening was a film me and Bryony where looking forward to seeing after seeing the trailer for this, starring Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Sam Heughanm Justin Theroux, Gillian Anderson, Hasan Minhaj and Ivanna Sakhno.

The film revolves around Audrey (Mila) and Morgan (Kate) who are best friends and when Audrey boyfriend Drew (Justin) breaks up with her via Text Morgan sends a text from Audrey’s phone saying they’re going to burn all his stuff, he replies don’t and the following day Audrey is abducted by Sebastian (Sam) who informs her they work for the CIA and Drew has gone missing. Drew arrives back at Audrey’s house and tells her they must get the trophy to Vienna or many people will die. Drew is then shot by the one-night stand that Morgan had round and the girls escape via the fire Escape as CIA Agents burst in and this starts an adventure for the girls which at times is hilarious and silly.

Whilst this is not the best Comedy or the best Spy film, it is funny and it is entertaining, there is some good action scenes and some hilarious/stupid scenes (when they steal the car but have no idea how to drive stick and crash at about 2mph), Kate and Mila worked well together they had a chemistry that is vital when is mainly a double act in a film (I have seen a lot fail due to lack of chemistry), it does also keep you guessing on what will happen and yes some of the scenes are far fetched.

The supporting cast worked well and probably the fringe cast (the Tourist they stole from, their car drive in the car chase) probably outshone the other main cast (Sam, Justin etc) and this helped the movie.

Both Bryony and myself enjoyed it and the time flew by which I also think is a good sign. Yes it could’ve been better but it is very enjoyable and worthwhile seeing in my opinion.

I would give this a rating (I have changed the way I rate films now) of 4 Stars

Ocean’s Eight

Due to the World Cup and illness I’ve not been to the cinema the last few weeks but last night I went and saw Ocean’s Eight, following on from Ocean 13 (I originally thought was going to kind of remake like Ghostbusters did) Danny Ocean sister Debbie (Sandra Bullock) is the main culprit this time after her release from jail. However you get the same feeling as the other Ocean films and also the like of Entrapment and some of the Fast and Furious films with the planning and how the heist is pulled off however it’s not a bad film with a decent cast including Anne Hathaway (Daphne Klunger), Cate Blanchett (Lou), Helena Bonham-Carter (Rose Weil), Rihanna (9 Ball) and James Corden (John Frazier) however I didn’t get the same intensity as the other films as I think the plots are getting harder to maintain though I did like the late twist in the film that I didn’t see coming though thinking about it and as it was explained it made sense and you think why didn’t I see that. Overall as said it wasn’t a bad film and could’ve been better but was watchable and doesn’t feel like a waste of money if go and see it.

🎬🎬🎬 (3/5 as can’t do half a clapperboard).