Tiffany – Pieces of Me

Back in 1980’s Tiffany was one of the Pop Princess after Madonna’s Pop Queen title along with Debbie Gibson (who I liked and still do), Kylie and Mariah Carey amongst others. They all still record and perform but on different levels, this month saw a new album from Tiffany called Pieces of Me. Having listened to her previous releases after her Hold An Old Friends Hans (her second album) and not rating them I was in mixed feelings about downloading it and listen but this is a very good album, it’s not sugary pop as her first two albums but it’s more pop then her previous albums and a grown up pop album, this to me would hold its head in today’s market but there is just too many female pop stars at present fighting over a shrinking market so I expect only her core of fans will get this or listen to it but I generally think this deserves to be heard more. Whilst a lot of new releases seem to have been rushed as don’t sound complete this feels like it’s taken time and is well put together. It doesn’t take you back to the 80’s as you would expect it stays modern and for an artist that’s been in the business for 30 years with its (and her) up and downs this is a good showing so I take my hat of to her.

Listen to it – 🎤🎤🎤

I Have A Dream (song)

Whilst listening to Encore Radio earlier in the night and listening to Amanda Seyfried version of I Have A Dream I thought I do a quick post about the different versions of this song that has been released as its one of my favourite ABBA songs, I know of 5 versions that have been released either as a single or as part on an Original Soundtrack. So here are my opinions on each version.

ABBA – The original single, this is the benchmark as was the written by them and sung perfectly by them. You can’t fault it though I’m not 100% sure if now the best version.

Amanda Seyfried – Mamma Mia Film – I liked this version as is a upbeat version and suits Amanda’s voice. I have this on my walking playlist as has a nice tempo. I think this could actually be the best version of the song but can’t decide as mostly depending on situation on listening too.

Lily James – Mamma Mia Here We Go Again – I was surprised when I heard Lily James in this film and some of the songs really suited her but I think her voice is too soft for this track but it’s good that she didn’t try and do the song the same way as Amanda in the first film (or indeed as ABBA did). This is a relaxing version of the tracking and one I have on my evening playlist.

Westlife – Double A side single released at Christmas. Very hard for me to compare as the only all male version I’ve heard. This is more beaty (not sure if that’s correct term as drums are louder and more dominant) whilst I like to addiction of the child choir this isn’t as good as any of the other versions.

Lissa Stokke – The stage version of Mamma Mia. I’ve hadn’t heard this version until I started this blog. I don’t think it’s as good as Amanda’s or Lily’s version, it’s probably closer to Lily’s version than Amanda’s in the softness of the vocals but prefer Lily’s voice.

I had thought maybe there was a release by A-Teens who released an album of ABBA covers songs or ABBAMANIA TV special but seems neither did this track.

Ariana Grande- Sweetener

Not really a fan of Ariana but I will always have respect a place in my heart for her due to what she did after the Manchester bombing at one of her concerts and what she did for not only Manchester but probably the world and to me did more than any world leader did after the bombing. I’ve only ever really liked her One Last Time song and also to a lesser extent Problem so never really listened a lot to her unless it was on the radio and until her latest album Sweetener only had One Last Time in my music library however I actually like her latest album, it’s more lively and is one I could happily listen to in the gym and I will certainly be putting a couple of the tracks on my playlist. I doubt it’ll be an album that will get lost in a ever increasing female singers as even though she’s never been my cup of time there is no doubting her talent and the mixture of music keeps you listening whatever you feel like. It’s an album I recommend especially if you have a Music subscription like Apple or Google Music. 3 out 5 stars but so close to giving it 4.


New Music

Every so often I write reviews on some new albums which I listen to either during my walks or in the bath, normally it will be artist I’ve listen to before or if I have liked a single of theirs. The last fortnight I have listened to 3 new albums.

Lily Allen – No Shame

I was looking forward to this as liked her previous albums and as Kate Nash recently released an album and they’re both similar style I was hoping it was as good as Kate’s but I was disappointed to be honest, whilst the content is similar to her past albums I didn’t feel the connection to the song as if the past, she seems to have tried to modernise her style but it hasn’t worked. It’s an okay album but not one to write home about.

Various Artist – Soft Rock Forever

You can’t go wrong with putting together a Various Artist album of Soft Rock as there is plenty to chose from, this has all the classics you expect and it is coming up to Fathers Day. It contains 60 tracks and most you will love. It’s a sure hit.

Delta Goodrem – I Honestly Love You 

A Olivia Newton-John tribute with Delta singing Olivia’s hits with a couple of Duets thrown in. Whilst you don’t get the same upbeat singing as Olivia you can’t fault Delta as she is a very good female artist in her own right though I do prefer her earlier stuff  this is a good album if you’re a fan of either her or Olivia.

Charli XCX – 5 in the Morning

Not an album but a single that I just have to mention as I love this track, I’ve not been a fan of Charli’s recent work (apart from the collaboration on Girls with Rita Ora, Cardi B and Bebe Raxha) but loved her old stuff but this is a great track and deserves to be a hit.